How Search Engine Optimzation Can Help Your Fashion Blog

Search Engine Optimization is arguably the best way to get targeted and qualified traffic to your blog. And by qualified we mean the types of people you want reading your blog. Not to mention that it is 100% free. So over time as the number of pages and posts you create increases, your engagement and readership will increase as well.

We had a Cleveland SEO Firm help us put together a few topics we will cover that can help you get your blog off the ground and start getting traffic from search engines.

1. Submitting a Sitemap

By submitting a sitemap, you are helping search engine crawl and organize the data on your website. That way the search engine can index your content appropriately, thus allowing your blog to be shown in search results to people who are looking for your content.

Submitting a sitemap can be done through Google webmaster tools. Simply sign up for a gmail account and tie in your website with the account. From there you can follow the instructions for submitting and creating your sitemap.

2. Keyword Research For New Posts

When thinking about new topics for blog posts and pages on your website, try doing a bit of preliminary keyword research. This can help you find hidden gem keywords that can be sources of traffic for you for a long time. Not to mention the traffic will be the exact audience you may be trying to reach.


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